Monday, July 9, 2012

Wildlife Habitat

Backyard Wildlife Habitat

The National Wildlife Federation has an interesting program to help our spaces become places in which nature can flourish. They have certified over150,000 Wildlife Habitat sites across the country. A wildlife habitat can be in a backyard, on a roof, in a park – wherever we can put together what is needed to make a nature-friendly environment.  

What does it take to make a site Habitat friendly? NWF says four things:
Food – Water – Cover - Places for wildlife to raise their young.
Every creature needs food. Native plants help the locals thrive. Water is necessary for drinking, bathing, and often for reproduction. Vegetation provides safety from predators and places to raise offspring. 

My backyard has bird feeders, a birdbath, bushes for butterflies, shade and sun, a variety of plants and trees. We did it for our own pleasure; now I see it is more than that. It is not officially certified but it does provide much of what is needed. And even though the rabbits drive me crazy sometimes, I am glad we are providing an area where they can live and be well. Don't we all deserve that?

If you are interested in learning about creating a Certified Wildlife Habitat, you can get started here:

Schools can become part of the green movement, too, by becoming an Eco-School. In my own state of New Jersey there are 36 Eco-Schools, including my township high school.


  1. I never knew about the Wildlife Habitat; that's really interesting. Your backyard would certainly qualify!

  2. Thanks. I may seek certification one day. But your yard is wonderful, too.