Friday, April 16, 2021

Delicious Herbs


The organic herbs on my windowsill are thriving: oregano, parsley and basil. I bought them in small pots at the supermarket and they seem to like it here. I’ve transplanted them twice already and shared some with my daughter. Now that Spring has come, I’ll separate them again and plant some of them in my garden.

I tend to talk to my herbs as I water them. I compliment them on how big they’re getting and nuzzle them so that I get whiffs of their delicious scents. It reminds me of the time my friend tried an experiment with two of the same plants. One plant she spoke to daily and smiled at as she passed it during the day. The other she merely watered but didn’t try to connect with. The spoken to plant thrived while its twin barely survived.

I think all living things interact through energy. When we offer positive energy, whether to plants or people, we encourage connection. And that stimulates growth and our relationship to all around us. It opens a door to the broader sense of life and helps us to feel how important our input is in our world.

If you want to grow your own herbs, here are some helpful hints: