Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Flowering Plum

Flowering  Plum

The seasons have been varied this year. Fall had some frigid days. Winter had some warm days. And now, in the early days of Spring, we have summer-like temperatures. Today was 82 degrees! I wonder if it is confusing to the plants and trees that bloom at certain times.

This flowering plum tree in our front yard seems to be taking it all in stride. It flowers in early-middle Spring, in pretty much any kind of soil. For me it is a sign of awakening regardless of what the weather does. I stop along my afternoon walk to calmly watch the delicate petals float down from the branches as the season progresses.

So much is happening in the world today that a simple gift of nature like this is much appreciated. The delicate pink flowers remind me of how life flutters on, how it shifts from beautiful to decimated and hopefully back again to a space that offers us a chance to take a deep breath, to experience joy and to share our awareness of life's flowering with those around us.

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