Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blame the Mosquitoes

Blame the Mosquitoes

I’ve been considering putting up a tented gazebo for a few years. The reason being that we couldn’t sit out on our back patio due to the mosquitoes. It’s almost as if they are waiting for us to come out and settle in our chairs. Then it’s a free-for-all. They buzz around our ears, land on our arms, and have a snack. We used to be able to go out mid-day without worrying because mosquitoes would only be around early morning or at sundown; not any more. They are now out all day long.

We tried citronella plants and candles but the mosquitoes seem to laugh at that. I’ve worn wristbands that claim to ward off mosquitoes that didn’t work either. I’ve sprayed and rubbed – without luck.

So this year we bought a gazebo kit and put it together. It sits quietly in our backyard, hardly noticeable, and provides a peaceful place to be outdoors without being bitten. It actually surprises me that the mosquitoes haven’t pushed their way inside, as the netting is not bug tight. Occasionally a fly ventures inside and we do see spiders now and then. Perhaps mosquitoes need a more intimate connection with our bodies; they react to the carbon dioxide we exhale and to our body odors and temperature, but whatever the reason, so far we have been enjoying our primitive outdoor haven.

What do we do there? We read or chat, sometimes nap, but mostly we observe. There is a sense of calm within the netting, almost as if we are invisible to the outside world. Birds chirp around us. They walk right near the gazebo, closer to us than they would if we were more visible on the patio, pecking at the ground for seeds. Squirrels frolic in their mating dances; it’s like having a ballet company for our own pleasure. But even if nothing is happening, there is serenity there among the hedges and trees as if we are in a tree house without the height.

Will it last through the winter? I don’t know. Whatever happens, it is a delight right now. I blame the mosquitoes for making it necessary but I am grateful for the experience. In a way it’s a reminder of the fun we had in our camping days, communing with nature and removing ourselves from the bustle of everyday life. We feel ourselves let go as we sit there, enjoying the mosquito-free respite in our backyard.

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