Thursday, May 30, 2019

Robin's Beautiful Eggs

Robin's Beautiful Eggs

I get yelled at each time I pass by the Smoke Tree in our backyard. The yeller is a robin trying to get me away from her nest and the four beautiful blue eggs inside. She, or he because both male and female robins are very protective of the nest, zooms out of the Smoke Tree and onto an extended peach tree branch, all the while watching me with intense eyes. When I move out of the immediate nest area, the robin flies back to the nest, no doubt content that the immediate danger has passed.

I understand her/his need to protect the potential babies. I try to walk as far from the tree as I can, reassuring the scolding robin as I move along slowly and calmly that I would never harm the future birdies in any way.

There seems to be more robins around this Spring. I see them flitting in and out of the oak tree out front. It seems that some of them may be staying north during the winter. Could that be an indication of our warming temperatures? They have always been a symbol of Spring, their red breasts a signal that warmer weather is approaching. Now maybe sooner than we expect. As nature changes, other things change, too. I hope we will be as delighted at the changes as we are at seeing the robins.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Nature's Progression

Nature’s Progression

We are greeted by the most amazing azalea bushes in our front yard! Big puffs of pink remind us of the beauty of Spring. I stop before getting into my car to gently touch the buds and thank the bushes for their greeting.

But the warmer weather is not just about the brilliance of a flowering bush. Before the flowers burst open and awe us, there is the hint of what is coming. Buds slowly appear on bare stalks, anticipating what is waiting to expand into fullness. Then they unfold, expressing their rapturous enthusiasm for being in the world. The energy of the flowers in full bloom interacts with our energy as we appreciate Nature’s offerings. And after the flowers have spent their allotted time with us, they fade and lose their colorful petals, the bush, now green, reminding us that it is still with us and now mature.

It is Nature’s reminder, I think, of the wholeness of being. Not unlike our human progression from conception through infancy, adulthood and our last years here. Our energy remains even when our petals fade. Nature is always offering us a broader picture of life.