Monday, April 24, 2017

Orchids in Their Own Time

Orchids in Their Own Time

I always thought that orchids were too hard to grow so I never tried. Two years ago I was given a lovely flowering orchid plant. The flowers eventually died off but I continued to water the leaves. As long as they were green I was happy. I sat it on my kitchen windowsill and let it be. This spring I started to see buds and then flowers again. I was excited to see two, then three flowers open up. I complimented the plant on its beauty. The next day two more buds opened into delicate flowers. Each morning another flower appeared. There are twelve flowers currently on the plant, amazing me whenever I look at them.

I didn’t do anything special to help the orchid to flower but then I guess I didn’t do anything to hinder it from expressing itself either. Water and appreciation seemed to do the trick. The plant expressed itself just beautifully.

I know we have the inclination to try to control most things in our lives, and to do it now, but I think that sometimes all we need to do is take a deep breath and wait. It’s sort of like baking. Each ingredient blends with the others while in the oven to create something new. As the pan cools, the waiting helps us to anticipate what we have before us and to appreciate its promise. Brownies or orchids - both brings smiles and delight. 

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