Monday, May 8, 2017

Azalea Beauty

Azalea Beauty

I love the azalea bushes in front of our house. Each morning they greet me with a wild, pink beauty that starts my day off with a gasp of pleasure. Within a week of hinting at flowers, the buds have expressed their full-blossomed glorious nature. There are so many flowers now, the branches keep bending with the weight.

Azaleas are early-flowering plants, which makes them welcome after a season laden with cold, wind, now-and-then snow, and a bunch of rain. They are part of the rhododendron family. Rhododendron bushes are also full of exuberance and color. 

Sometimes we all need a burst of liveliness. Like plants, life has its seasons of quiet and renewal intermingled with growth and high spirits. Summer is coming and many more colorful plants will be available for our viewing pleasure but I know I will always have a fond spot for the reminder of life’s seasons from beautiful azaleas.

Caring for azaleas: