Monday, February 10, 2014

Keeping Warm in Winter

Keeping Warm in Winter

How can a body keep warm on these frigid days? Birds fluff up their feathers. Rabbits puff up their fur. Squirrels, besides running around like crazy, find inventive ways to garner heat. This one found a bit of warmth atop our woodpile. He spread himself (herself?) over the dark-colored bark in the mid-afternoon sun when it would be the warmest. Whatever works…

Staying warm has been a challenge for people, too, this winter. I stuff myself into layers of clothing before venturing out the door. I wear mittens instead of gloves to keep the heat of my hands concentrated. Even indoors, a fleece is my friend.

There have been lots of communities, which translates into hundreds of thousands of people, that have been stranded without heat at various times this season, due to iced power lines. Ice increases the weight on the lines, which can cause them to break. It also strains tree branches that then can snap off onto power lines. This year Pennsylvania was hit particularly hard by ice storms and some households still do not have power.

So, how does one keep warm during freezing times?  Here are a few suggestions that might help.

How to keep warm outside:

How to keep your house warm:

How to survive a power shortage:

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  1. Those are some great tips right there! It's really difficult to try to stay warm during winter, especially as the weather is just crazy. Last winter was extremely cold, right? A good idea to stay warm would always be to stay indoors and just cozy up. It would be really smart to have your home insulated as well.

    Mark Connor @ Enviro Tech Insulation