Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Young Blue Jays

Young Blue Jays

A couple of young Blue Jays, just coming into their feathers and colors, were recently spotted on the feeders. They may be fledglings but their heft jiggles the feeders when they land and shakes them when they leave.

We seem to have a few Blue Jay families in the area. I know that some can be migratory but short of banding these particular birds, I can only guess they are year-round residents. That suits me just fine. A friend in the UK said that they don’t get such colorful birds so it makes me all the more appreciative that we do. Several things that may help them to stay: the feeders, of course, as they like nuts and seeds, the pine trees out back which provide good nesting opportunities, and the oak tree in our front yard that supplies an abundance of acorns. I discovered that Blue Jays love acorns. So these young birds will have a nice source of food to enjoy now and stash for later.  

The awkwardness of the young, whether avian or human, changes as they grow into themselves. They adapt to their environment and develop survival skills that help them progress to competence. These Blue Jays are already beginning to smooth out their spiky head feathers and exhibit a confidence in their grip on the feeders. What a treat to see.

Practically everything you can think of to ask about Blue Jays is answered here:

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