Monday, May 3, 2010

They Hatched!

They hatched! Four tiny birds with large, demanding beaks are snuggled in the nest on my friend’s entryway. The parents used to fly away whenever someone would be near but since the eggs hatched, they stay close to the nest. These little ones are as demanding as any infants. Cheep, cheep! could almost be translated as Eat, eat! They seem to be able to eat all day. There are lots of baby birds out, now. Sprightly cardinals with their vibrant reds, gawky grackles overshooting the feeders, totally confused mourning doves. They will grow quickly through toddlerhood and adolescence as this spring’s generation. As I watch their progress, I think of my own children’s awkwardness in the beginning years. It isn’t easy learning to walk/fly or eat solid foods/seeds. I wonder if the fledglings’ ineptitude frazzles their various bird mommies and daddies. My nest is empty, now, but I remember the growing years and empathize.


  1. My husband and I check the nest each day, like anxious parents checking the nursery while the infant is napping. We love seeing their beaks and hearing the cheep cheep; for us it seems to mean all is well and as it should be. I wonder if we will be sad when, one day, we look at the nest and see that they have "flown the coop." We will hope they are well and enjoying the flight.

  2. Thanks for the photos. I love those open beaks. Let us know when they leave - we will send them good wishes.