Monday, May 10, 2010

Animal Rescue

There are lots of things happening in my backyard. This weekend Dr. Jesse Liebman sponsored an event for Lilo’s Promise Animal Rescue at his Wellness Center in Marlton, NJ. Lilo’s Rescue is a no-kill rescue service run by dedicated volunteers who rescue, foster, and train dogs so that they can be placed in loving, permanent homes. The dog shown here with Anita is Jasmine. She was rescued when her family’s house was foreclosed and there was no way to care for her. Someone was coming to meet Jasmine later in the day and those at Lilo’s Promise were hopeful that this would be just the right family to adopt her. Other wonderful, trained dogs are waiting for homes. To learn more about Lilo’s Promise check out Volunteers, foster homes, supplies and support are all welcome.

Note: Someone recently questioned what I mean by my backyard because I bring in photos and comments about a lot more than my immediate home turf. My backyard, to me, is the neighborhood I live in and the surrounding areas and more. I embrace the concept of community however small or large. In my book Missed Perceptions: Challenge Your Thoughts Change Your Thinking I discuss communities and how the larger our perception the greater our connection. Nature is nature and it is my pleasure to share my observations


  1. Kudos to Lilo’s Promise Animal Rescue. There is so much cynicism among people young and old, and so much tragedy reported in the news, it's refreshing to hear about volunteers performing a service for our four legged friends. Thank you, Ferida for letting us know about them


  2. My pleasure. If I weren't allergic to animals I would love to adopt one myself. Meanwhile, my cockatiel is my pet companion.