Monday, April 8, 2013

Lavender is Lovely

Lavender is Lovely

I went to my local market today and was surrounded by a familiar scent as soon as I went through the door – lavender. There were pots and pots of the plants gracing the flower stand. The flowers were just beginning to open and more buds were peeking out. I passed them by to do my shopping but I went back before I paid. They were just too enticing to ignore.

I had planted lavender in my garden in years past but not recently. I decided this year I would do it again. This is a lovely plant.  Tiny purple flowers delicately rise along a thin, green stem. The leaves are subtly elegant with a hint of gentle fuzz that is pleasing to the touch. The smell of lavender can be heady, announcing its presence before the plant is even seen, which must be why it is used in soaps, oils, candles, sachets, even in teas - a treat for the senses.

But then lavender is lovely in other, more important ways. It has a long history of medicinal use and is a staple in aromatherapy. Some is proven, some not, but it is used in a variety of applications for many conditions. One of its uses is for its calming effect. Lavender oil embraces the whole body in the bath. Sniffed, it seems to relax tension and may help with insomnia.

At the very least, lavender is a lovely addition to a garden, as it will be to mine – and maybe to yours?

Look at this lovely plant’s uses:


  1. Thanks for a great idea. I was trying to think of some new additions to my garden and it looks like lavendar will fit the bill.

  2. I am planning on digging up a new patch on the sunny side of the house this weekend and this is going in there. Also, I think some oregano and cilantro (just for me)will go in, too.

  3. Lavender needs a little more care than many hardier plants, but it's worth putting in that extra effort. Aside from their delicate, light purple flowers, lavender plants produce a fragrance that fills your whole yard and wafts on down the street. These benefits aren’t limited to the months when the flowers are blooming: Spanish lavender flowers make fantastic additions to dried flower arrangements and work well as pressed flowers. Also look for gardening and landscaping ideas here

    1. Thanks, takeshi007. I'll check it out. Lavender is also a great calming plant, something I think is needed these days.