Monday, June 21, 2010

Rabbit at Rest

Oh, the bunnies. We have quite a few. They are adorable and pesky at the same time. One of them has been chowing down on our recently planted hostas. “Eat the wild strawberries instead!” I yelled when I saw it. “And the clover, why don’t you munch on that?” The creature paid no attention. The coral bells we planted last year are a beautiful memory and we gave up on a vegetable garden years ago. I can sympathize with Farmer Brown when he chased away Peter Rabbit. But just when I am feeling exasperated with them, they’ll do something that melts my heart. I watched this rabbit flop down in the middle of the yard and stretch out inch-by-hairy-inch without a care in the world. He (she?) was completely at rest. No fear at all. It made me glad that it felt so comfortable in our presence. And isn’t that how I like to live my life, non-threatening to other beings? How can I worry about a nibble here and there or a plant that ends up nourishing the bunnies rather than being pretty for us to see? Priorities, always priorities.


  1. Barbara StavetskiJune 22, 2010 at 4:00 AM

    Hi Ferida,

    So true--the bunnies are adorable!

  2. Although we haven't seen the very young bunnies, it's fun to watch the "teenagers" play and the grownups munch. I like to think that, year after year, we are seeing successive generations of one family in our yard. Who knows? Maybe we are.

  3. One of the bunny family likes to recline on the front lawn near the driveway. It makes me smile every time I pull in. Bunnies must love your yard, Barbara.