Monday, June 7, 2010

Clover All Over

The clover this year is abundant. It pops up everywhere: in the schoolyard, on the road median, on obviously manicured lawns and on neglected ones. Clover is a member of the pea family, I discovered, and has nutritional value. It has been used as forage for cows as it contains macro and micro nutrients, which makes good milk and meat. It can be eaten in salads. The bees like it, too. As is evident on my lawn. The bees are flitting from flower to flower. I know because I am down there weeding, rather unsuccessfully, I might add, and see them close up. I wonder if I should be trying to get rid of the clover that is becoming more of the greenery than the grass. When I asked about the wild strawberries last week a friend suggested that I let nature take its course and enjoy the little bursts of red that peep out of the dense leaf clusters. Maybe I should do the same with clover and revel in the joy of the bees. Put in perspective, a lawn being taken over by clover isn't much of a problem. Something to think about as I spread clover honey on my multigrain bread.


  1. If you gather up a bunch of clover and put it in a tiny vase....oh the fragrance!
    On the other hand, I only find it appealing in the yards of other people.

  2. Of all the weeds and unmentionables in my garden, luckily at least clover isn't one of them. I'm thankful.


  3. I never thought of putting the clover in a vase. Thanks for the suggestion, J. Now I won't feel so sad about taking it up.