Monday, May 17, 2010

The Salvia Says...

We planted some salvia bushes last spring just to fill out a bare spot where the defunct astilbe had been. The bushes were chosen for three reasons: they were perennial, they were already blooming, and they were purple, which meant they would look nice near our lilac bush. As you can see, we are not accomplished gardeners though we appreciate the results of gardening. Over the winter the bushes died down and drawing on prior experience, it was quite possible that they would never return regardless of their perennial status. But they did and this spring they are glorious! I love the exuberance of the outstretched flower stems. I can almost hear them saying, “Isn’t this a lovely day?” And when I see them, whatever my mood or the weather or what the day may bring, I am tempted to answer, “Yes, it is. Thank you for reminding me.”


  1. Your experience, we hope, will be ours next year when the salvia we just planted returns to brighten our garden. It is wonderful in color and its' tag said it will bloom all season.

    Garden flowers do bring us great joy!

  2. What gorgeous flowers! My salvia did not return the season after we planted it but seeing yours has convinced me to try again. And I thought I was done for the season except for weeding and feeding.

  3. If ours can come back in our marl, yours probably will too, Barbara. Let's check in a year from now and with luck all the salvia will be flourishing.

    Claire - My salvia may be georgeous but so are your incredible irises! This fall I'll transplant my leafy but non-flowering plants and hope for the best next year.