Wednesday, June 8, 2022

A Nest!


A Nest!

Remember the robin that was knocking at our window? We had put a light plastic material on the glass to see if it would discourage the bird and it seemed to work but as soon as we took it down, the bird started again. I thought perhaps there was a nest in the bush outside the window, but I didn’t see one.

Oh, well, Spring is in full swing and there is more to do than worry about an annoying bird;  plant new flowering bushes, weed the vegetable garden, fertilize the cherry trees. And then one day, while trimming the bushes on the other side of the yard, a nest with blue eggs appeared! Was this robin protecting that nest even though it was away from the house? And were these eggs actually the robin’s eggs? Other birds lay blue eggs. Plus, within the bush was a different bird that was warning us to stay away.

I guess we will have to let nature take its course. If this nest is the robin’s, then when the birds hatch and eventually fly off, the aggressive window banging should stop. After all, parents need to protect their young.

But wait, did I just see another robin gathering bits of dry grass and bringing them to the bush by the window?  

Why do robins attack windows?

Why do robins lay blue eggs? Many birds lay blue eggs:


  1. It's wondrous to see animal parents planning for and protecting their offspring, isn't it. I remember the nest by our front door and how excited we were to see the hatchlings.

    1. Ah, yes, but they weren't knocking at your door. We aren't a threat to any nest but the bird, alas, doesn't know that.

  2. Here's one for the birds: We just had our gutters replaced and the contractor found a large egg in one of gutters. It was quite large and we think a bird found it and threw it on the roof to try and crack it. Either that, or to save for later. Another mystery of nature.

  3. We found another nest on our patio floor. Was it the original one that was blown away with the crazy winds or was it some other bird's nest? The robin seems to be at it again and the visible nest is growing!