Friday, January 14, 2022


                                       Squirrel On Ice

It’s been cold around here lately with temperatures in the 20s. Cars ice up overnight and we have to be careful not to slip on the icy concrete as we leave our house in the morning.

But we aren’t the only ones affected by the cold weather. Today a squirrel was trying to get a drink on the bird bath but the water was frozen over. The poor squirrel kept moving around and around, slurping along the outer edge where some of the ice had loosened and a sip was possible.

I hope he got enough to drink because the weather report shows we are due for some further cold days. I know it’s winter and it’s not unexpected but I realize that our outdoor critters are not as lucky as we are to have a warm place to shelter in. I hope that Mother Nature will be kind and help all her critters, even us, have a healthy winter.


  1. I hope the water he did get wasn't too icy. My daughter-in-law bought a heated shelter for a cat that visits them daily. When it's really frigid, however, she opens the front door, the cat enters and goes right upstairs to "her room." In the morning, she goes right to the front door so she can leave. She has hotel privileges!!

  2. How impressive! That's one lucky cat.