Friday, October 29, 2021

Creepy Spider Webs

Creepy Spider Webs

Fall is making itself known. Pine cones are falling all over our backyard. The maple leaves dazzle us with their bright colors and then turn brown as they let go of their branches and cover our grass. Spiders seem to be having a field day making webs up against our garage, capturing food before the cold settles in.  

I usually sweep away the webs as they appear but what better time than Halloween to let them stay? They add an eerie ambience to the front of our house which should offer a little creepiness to the trick-or-treaters coming on Sunday.

Creepy as they may be, spider webs are pretty amazing. They have an artistic quality about them, and a variety of purposes. Not only do they catch insects for food but they provide help for the spider to travel from one place to another, they protect a spider’s dwelling space and also provide safety for an egg sac.

I can appreciate a web’s value but I won’t be able to keep them around. After the holiday, whatever spiders have built the webs, I’m afraid they will have to find new places for them. Hopefully, not near my garage.

Some web facts:

More about why spiders spin webs – if you can bear to read further:


  1. Yes, spider webs are so appropriate at this time of year. Sad to say, however, we usually have very few trick-or-treaters coming by. Maybe this year will be different since the 31st is on a Sunday. Maybe??

  2. Hope your Halloween turned out to be fun. We had quite a bunch, many masked, some not. But it was nice to have some sort of normalcy for a change, even if it was on a weird holiday.