Wednesday, March 31, 2021

My Buds Are Back!


 My Buds Are Back!                                                           

Buds are popping up everywhere in my garden. I actually think of my trees and plants as my buddies, my friends. They send their new leaves and flowers to visit us each year at springtime, almost as if they had been away to a warmer climate for the winter.

These friends are sprouting on the peach tree in our backyard. We get lots of them starting to grow but don’t get any to eat any because the squirrels and deer munch on the unripe fruit as the season matures. But that’s okay. The beauty and possibilities are still welcome.

There is a joyful promise with the buds that come onto bare trees or that present color from newly emerging flowers. I can hope for peaches to ripen so we might one day actually eat them. I can look forward to seeing positive potential when the landscape looks barren. And I can hope that will grow to include how I, how we, interact in this currently difficult world.


  1. Looking out of our window every morning is like opening a gift. What new bud or leaf will present itself today? The promise of good things to come!!!

  2. Nature truly is a gift. I hope we can remember how important our human/nature connection is.

  3. I love your sweet essay, Ferida. The buds are beautiful. I feel like the world turned green overnight this spring.


    1. Thanks, Barbara. Yes, Spring is here. I love the colors that are just bursting out all over the place.