Monday, February 22, 2021

Life Carries On

Life Carries On

It snowed. Then it didn't. Then ice fell. Then more snow. Now the temperature is just above freezing and everything is melting. An intriguing winter, I must say. 

But even with the snow, life (in its current weirdness) carries on. The big, snowy footprints were left by our letter carrier, who delivered our mail regardless of the weather. Those mingled with delicate rabbit, squirrel, and bird prints. They were hopping, running, and sprinting around our house as usual, looking for a winter treat to eat. As I take my afternoon walk, I shift from sidewalk to street, trying to avoid the puddles of melting snow and the slippery spots of ice but I'm still getting out there.

Each day seems more of a meditation now than just a function. Whether paying attention to footprints or working at home or avoiding crowds at the supermarket, we need to be consciously aware of our attention. It's not a bad thing. Being present keeps us connected in lots of ways - with our health, with the people around us, with ordinary living.    

I know that Spring is on the horizon and it will be interesting to see if it comes gently or on the heels of a large, final winter storm. It sometimes does, though it didn't last year. And will this Spring bring more vaccines to help more people be healthy and safe? I hope so.