Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Grasshoppers Leap Into the Future


Grasshoppers Leap into the Future

You never know what will greet you when you open your front door. This time it was a grasshopper that had settled on the glass, an intriguing start to the day. Grasshoppers seem so ordinary but they have a history of deep symbolism. Sometimes looking into symbolism helps us move along in difficult times.

Grasshoppers are a symbol of good luck. They jump up and forward and encourage us to do the same, to move ahead and not get stuck on the past or regrets. It also is a symbol for freedom, joy, and creativity, among other positive qualities.

During this pandemic we are often, understandably, lost in negative, worrisome thoughts. But there are positive things to focus on: neighbors greeting neighbors with smiles and friendly though distant conversations, gratitude for the dedication of our health practitioners, conscious appreciation of the people in our lives.

The grasshopper eventually hopped away, taking a leap of faith that it will land safely. Perhaps it was a reminder for us to do the same.  

Lots to know about grasshoppers:



  1. I never knew the deep symbolism of and lessons to be learned from grasshoppers. That revealed wise words especially for us at this time..

  2. Thank you, Claire, for your comments and your friendship.