Monday, August 17, 2020

Waving Beans

Waving Beans

On one of our trips to nowhere, we stopped beside a farm field and watched the bean plants sway in the wind. When the wind calmed down, I looked across the field and was surprised by how large it was. Sometimes I forget that where we live  and the surrounding towns were all farms at one time. Our house is on what was once an orchard. There are still blueberry farms, apple orchards, and corn fields not far away.

Normally, many farmers bring their produce to farm stands in a variety of townships. I usually love to go there, to two in particular, to pick out fresh fruits and vegetables. During this pandemic, however, I have been staying away from farm stands. I buy organic produce from local stores once a week and wash everything thoroughly before serving. The joy of shopping is diminished. It is now carefully functional.

But it is also mindful. Knowing that I can’t take food for granted at this time, I choose what we need and feel grateful for what we have. One day, soon I hope, this will be history but I know at least that I have come to appreciate the normalcy of food shopping and look forward to supporting our local farms once again.


  1. We, too, feel so lucky that we are able to not only get food but to choose what we want. When we see the long lines at food distribution centers, it is hard to believe this is happening. We can only hope and pray this will end soon.

    1. Indeed. I hope we'll appreciate what normal is - when we get back to it.