Monday, June 8, 2020

The Hibiscus Family Tree

The Hibiscus Family Tree

Each year the hibiscus plants in our yard seem to be finished. Other flowers come and go and still, no hint of the hibiscus coming back. And then…

The leaves start to pop up from the seemingly non-fertile earth. And once they do, the plants are on their way to growing the most amazing blossoms!

The brittle, white stems from last year’s plants provided good roosts for the birds who came to drink at the bird bath in the winter months. They also had an artistic appeal as they reached out and up in their irregular formations. But now, I’m suddenly aware of a deeper picture. They seem to be embracing the upcoming growth, like the older generation supporting the younger ones coming into the family. There will come a time when the new flowers will burst forth and the brittle branches will snap off but the family connection remains.  

At this time, it is important to remember that we are part of a larger family connection. Yes, people are diverse in many ways but share our human heritage. And even when times seem bleak, let’s try to remember that like the hibiscus we can, we will, blossom again.

The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Hibiscus:

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  1. What a wonderful sentiment and certainly a much needed one right now. Like the hibiscus, we shall prevail!