Friday, June 15, 2018

Basil is a Great Herb

Basil is a Great Herb

I have to admit I love basil. It sits on my kitchen windowsill and I smile every time I see it. Why? For three reasons. First, the leaves are full and fragrant. I just brush my hand gently across them and I can smell the garden. Secondly, the taste reminds me of some of my favorite foods. And thirdly, the plant is exuberant. It just begs to be part of my day whether with sniffing or munching, but especially with cooking.

There are lots of legends wrapped around basil. It was once associated with hatred in Greece, then later with love in Italy. It has been revered for its health benefits and yet at one time it was associated with snakes and scorpions. Modern understanding of herbs places basil high on the list of healthful plants.

It’s a great herb to grow inside or outside. My windowsill has been its home for quite a while. And I am an appreciative receiver of its many benefits.

Basil legends and lore:

Want to grow your own basil?

And if you want to know about basil’s nutrients, health benefits and studies read on:


  1. I always eat anything that has basil in it but now I also know some interesting things about it. Thanks

  2. My pleasure, Claire.Hope we can share a basil-related meal someday soon.