Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tigers, Tigers Everywhere!

Tigers, Tigers Everywhere!

Look at all the tigers! Not the animals – the tiger lilies. They seem to be everywhere, blooming in attention-catching orange. The house on the corner has a yearly display. Gardens up and down the street, around the corner, and through the neighborhood have bursts of orange that are hard to ignore.

I love to anticipate the arrival of my tigers. They are full and beautiful. Best of all, they keep coming back! Sometimes, however, they can take over, spreading into places where other flowers need their own space. A small price to pay, I think, for the beauty they offer.

Life is like a garden, isn’t it? Some of what we encounter is short term, like annuals, while some, like perennials, is lasting. Both kinds of flowers add to the joy and diversity of the garden, even as our varied experiences help us to appreciate the range and complexity of our existence.  

A quick review of plants in general:

Tiger Lily info:

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