Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wouldn’t That Be Peachy?

Wouldn’t That Be Peachy?

We have a peach tree. The tree has lots of peaches though they are not yet ripe enough for people to eat. That doesn’t stop the squirrels, however. The peaches that fall to the ground are fair game for munching. This young squirrel is nibbling away on an unripe peach. He decided that the table between two of our patio chairs was the perfect place for his snack.

I have seen this little one before. He hops right up even if I am sitting in there. I can tell it’s the same one because he has a slightly dark stripe of hair across his cheeks. Sometimes I talk to him (I am just guessing it’s male) and instead of running away, he stays on the table and seems to listen. I’ll chat about the weather or maybe I’ll tell him about the latest antics of my grandson who likes to make “peach soup” on the outdoor play kitchen with some of the fallen fruit. When we are finished playing, we usually put the peaches we collected into a container and place it where the squirrels can find it. Perhaps this squirrel thinks it’s his personal dinner plate.

I know I complain about the squirrels eating everything we plant, the reason we constructed a screened-in vegetable garden, but in truth, I like them. They are inventive and extremely smart. They help me remember that different is only an adjective, it does not mean inferior. And different is how we all are, from other life forms and from each other. If only we can learn to appreciate the value of differences within all of life, perhaps we would not be so quick to do harmful things to each other. Wouldn’t that be peachy?

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