Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Weather on Parade

The Weather on Parade

It was almost time for the parade to begin this Memorial Day. The roads entering town were closed to traffic Children sat on the curb eager for the fun to start. Their parents lined the sidewalks in folding chairs, chatting with their neighbors. We were all staring down the main street in anticipation. But it was hard to wait, even for the dog who came along for the event. He sighed and finally laid down. We heard some preparatory notes from a trumpet. Then, at last, the parade started.

There was the town marching band, lots of fire trucks and rescue vehicles, girl scout and boy scout troops tossing candy to the kids at the curb. We clapped for the veterans, the local politicians, and the Farm Fair Queen. Mother Nature lent a hand for the parade with beautiful weather. It was warm and sunny, perfect conditions that added to the joy of the day. The dog seemed to sense the excitement, too. He walked back and forth, accepting petting from the viewers as if he were a prominent part of the festivities.

The weather was as important as the participants to the spirit of the parade. Weather conditions affect our attitudes and influence our mood. Fortunately, sunny weather tends to bring out the friendliness in us so it was no surprise that I could talk to the woman next to me even though I didn’t know who she was, and I was handed a red and white carnation from a young woman who was walking by. The crowd was upbeat, reflecting the energy of the weather.  

The display of vintage cars brought back eras of old, with their shiny tail fins and oo-gah horns. What fun it all was. Too soon the parade was over and the streets turned back into ordinary thoroughfares again. The dog, wagging his tail happily, came over for a goodbye pat before we all went on our way.

I was feeling wonderful as I walked back to our car. What a day. Not a cloud in the sky hinted of rain. Perhaps if we know how weather affects us, we can be prepared for the sway it has on us. And make the most of a sunny day. 

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