Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Supporting Trees

Supporting Trees

I was out at a local park this weekend, enjoying a walk in the autumn woods. The leaves were brilliantly backlit with the afternoon sun; the variations of red and gold were breathtaking. Some leaves were still green, holding onto their branches as hard as they could, while others had already turned brown and blew off with the slightest breeze.
There was a creek that reflected the shapes and colors of the sunken leaves and with the movement of the water, the scene looked like an impressionist painting. Very inspiring.

Standing on the bridge, overlooking the water, I saw something even more
inspiring. There were two trees at the edge of the creek, holding onto their footing
where the earth slipped into the water. Their balance seemed precarious, as half their
roots were not anchored.

But as I looked up into the high branches, I saw that the trees were leaning
inward, toward each other. One trunk, that of the thinner tree, rested in the crook of the branches of the other tree, and further up, the heavier tree was held in place by the higher branches of the thinner one. I could almost imagine these trees being best friends, reaching out and helping each other when times got tough. And because they were doing so, they both were able to survive.
If trees can do that, I would hope that people could, too. Perhaps by
helping someone else we might find that we are being supported as well. As I said, it was
all very inspiring.

If you happen to be near Medford, New Jersey, take a peek at the park;           

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