Monday, March 18, 2013

Herb Planting Time

Herb Planting Time

I have been buying basil in my favorite Whole Foods market all winter. A package of the hydroponic herb can last several weeks, sometimes longer. It is one of my favorite spices. So now that the weather is hinting at Spring, I am beginning to think of planting some in my garden.

I already have mint back there. It comes back every year. At first I had planted mint in the ground but it spread so fast and so far that it threatened to be the only thing growing in that space. I dug up as much as I could and replanted it in a large pot, which gives me more than enough leaves for my needs. I still get outcrops of mint where I least expect it but it is manageable.

This year I think I will make an attempt to grow my own basil outside. My friend’s neighbor, who owns an Italian restaurant, has a virtual nursery of basil plants in pots outside his townhouse. It doesn’t seem that hard to do. I would be in basil heaven to have so much of that herb growing in my garden.

I am also thinking of planting cilantro, which I absolutely love. Cilantro, like basil, has many uses – in sauces, salads, sprinkled into soups. And the simplest of all is to add some to any kind of sandwich for a distinctive lift. 

Yes, I will plant herbs this Spring. I don’t need a whole lot, just a bit. They are subtle tastes but their presence always makes me take notice. I think they will be a good reminder to pay attention, to be in the present while eating, a very Yogic concept. Maybe that little bit of herbal awareness will generalize and spice up the rest of my day.

 The basics of basil and other herbs - definition, planting, harvesting, drying,and more:  


  1. Basil is easy to grow and smells so good in the garden. I plant mine in pots. The more you pinch it back, the more you get and the bigger the leaves. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to get started. As soon as the weather cooperates.

  2. My friend Judy Harch wrote this:

    Makes me hungry for growing season. In our heavily wooded yard, basil doesn't do well. We plant it in pots on the sunny deck. I love plucking a fat bunch for homemade marina sauce. The aroma of basil is divine!

    Thanks, Judy. I totally agree about both the sauce and the aroma.