Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunflowers - I Hope

I guess it was inevitable that we have sunflowers in our backyard. We buy black oil sunflower seeds for our visiting birds. Their table manners are questionable and there is a carpet of shells and some discarded seeds underneath the feeders, which is where this little one is growing.

There is irony here. We have planted seeds in the past in various parts of the garden with all expectations of exuberant, large, enticing flower but they were always decimated by our local critters before we got one full blossom. So we stopped trying. Now, of its own accord, a sunflower is growing. It must like the soil better than that in our garden though it seems that sunflowers are not all that difficult to grow. And there are many varieties from giant to mini.

Perhaps it is better this way. We appreciate the flower all the more for its survival. The flower, with petals so cheery it’s hard not to smile when I see it, is a treat in itself. And then there are the seeds - who hasn’t crunched a seed or two or more (lots more)? I hope this one makes it to full, seed expression. But even if it doesn’t I know that it is helping to the backyard community. It has my good wishes for a healthy, seedful life.

Have any recipes to share?

All about sunflowers: nutrition facts about the seeds:


  1. Ferida,

    What a nice, fun story. I love the spirit of your flower. When we go to the beach, we take the longer scenic route, and we pass a field full of sunflowers that always puts a smile on my face.

  2. Thanks, Barbara. How lucky you are! I think it usually is a good idea to take longer routes when not pressed for time. That's where we get the pleasure of things like a whole field of these beautiful babies.