Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn is a Wondrous Time

Autumn is a wondrous time. The trees come alive, ablaze with color. The leaves are suddenly free to express the beauty that they have kept inside through the rest of the year. The streets, literally, are lined with gold.

It is my favorite time of year. I love the brilliance of the reds and golds, the various shades of orange, even the rich browns that line the deciduous trees until the leaves fall. Then there is the delight of crunching through the piles of leaves on the ground. I grab handfuls and toss them into the air. I can’t help grinning as I watch them spin on their way back down. Yes, there is work to be done - raking can be quite a chore – but the joy is worth it.

Then there is the crisp air that awakens the spirit. After the heat of the summer, it is sweet to wrap up in a sweater; it’s like giving myself a hug. It is also a time of reflection. A mug of hot cider with a friend reminds me of my connection to others and the warmth that connection brings. A brisk walk leads to appreciation when I step back into my warm, welcoming home.

Living in the northeast of the US allows me to experience the fullness of the seasons. I know that lots of people prefer a consistently warmer climate; in the middle of winter I can certainly understand. But now, in the fall, I can only be grateful for this gift.


  1. Fall is also a favorite time of year for me. Each week as I read your reflections, I take a moment to think about what you have written. I am filled with gratitude for Nature's blessings and gratitude for your ability to paint beautiful pictures!

  2. I, too, found myself enjoying the crisp air this Fall. Walking in my neighborhood and even just getting in and out of the car for errands, I walk more briskly as I find the cool weather exhilarating. The active pace of the squirrels as they collect goodies for the winter reminds me of the winter chores I should be doing. It's good to know others are welcoming Fall, too.

  3. Fall is my favorite season. When I retired from teaching 12 years ago what I looked forward to the most was to be free from responsibility so I could take in all that the season offered.

  4. I'm glad to know that lots of people enjoy autumn.

    Barbara - Thanks for your kind words. We should take a walk together before the leaves turn brown.

    Claire - Yes, Fall does keep a person moving - in a good way!

    Beverleee - Fall and school are synonomous - until a teacher retires. Hope you have been enjoying your free time.