Monday, July 26, 2010

Shoe Trees

Summer is meant for getting out, gardening, having fun. Only the weather was been so hot the last few weeks that I couldn’t bear the thought of being outside no less working in the garden. So I spent some time indoors instead, cleaning out closets, trying (not too successfully because it was pretty hot in there, too) to organize the garage, gathering things to toss, donate, re-gift, and recycle. But that didn’t stop the yearning to get my hands into the dirt. What to do?

I was about to get rid of was a pair of old, formerly comfortable but now were pinch-my-toes shoes when I noticed that some of my houseplants needed separating. Hmmm. Why not combine my activities?

I am used to making unusual crafts out of ordinary things for the children’s activity books I write. So…my shoe trees were born. I put stones in the bottom of the shoes and poked some holes in the sides for drainage, laid in peat moss and potting soil, and tucked in offshoots of the plants on my windowsill. A tad quirky, I admit, but so satisfying. Recycle and garden, all in the convenience of my air-conditioned home. Ah yes, summer is fun.


  1. This is so cute and clever! I want to look for old shoes so I, too, can have a pair of shoe trees.

  2. I'm sure I can find an extra pair or two, Barbara. Ask me about my earring holder next time we get together.

  3. I agree, how clever! Fun and eco-friendly in numerous ways. Great article. :o)

  4. How droll! They are whimsical and surprising; they give new meaning to the words "recycle." Now where are those shoes old pinchy shoes????