Monday, February 1, 2010

Ducks on Ice

These ducks have mastered the art of walking on water – at least when it is solid. This year they have had lots of practice on the ice. We are having an unusually cold winter with an abundance of snow. I know that the planet is experiencing the effects of global warming with ice caps shrinking and oceans rising but it is hard to think of now. Even Istanbul in Turkey had snow! Perhaps global changing would better describe what is happening with the weather.


  1. How fortunate we are to have this beautiful blog. Ferida reminds to us relish the wonder of nature. How many of us, while driving around our neighborhood doing errands, chauffering children and thinking of everything else we have to do, look at what is going on all around us? I mean really look, seeing the changes, the beauty, noticing when something is different from before? How many of us would stop to question why sea gulls are suddenly inland or why it looks like the ducks are walking on water? Ferida does and reading about her awe reminds me that I should, too.

    Thank you, Ferida, for that gift.


  2. You make nature come alive, Ferida. Such lovely photos and thoughtful observations - thanks! Phyllis

  3. I really like this photo! Makes me want to make them some boots:) Ducks are one of my favorite animals.

  4. Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments. I try to keep alert to nature's quirks, my own included. I almost caused a duck riot getting this photo. They thought I was coming to feed them and set up quite a racket!