Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Neighborhood vs. Tree

Remember the Lorax from Dr. Seuss? He spoke for the trees. Sometimes I feel inclined to do so, too. I am seeing the results of my suburban neighborhood’s aging on the trees. They were planted when the houses were originally built and now they are tall and fully grown. But the needs of people and trees sometimes conflict as when branches envelop electrical lines. The trees end up being pruned into odd shapes to accommodate the wires. When I look at them I see awkward shapes and thwarted beauty. Sometimes I worry that the tree will split in half, as some have, or that the tree will have been pruned so severely that it slowly declines and dies. And yet, what to do about the wires that serve the houses?

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  1. This post really touched me. I used to see the same thing in Curitiba, a small city in Brazil where I once lived. Magnificent, tropical trees of bright flowers were castrated and crippled like in this photo. It was so sad to see.

    This is a nice blog. Good luck with it.