Friday, October 16, 2009

Holding On

The leaves of the tulip tree are just starting to turn yellow. This is a switch from its usual habit when they change color and drop in late August in a flurry of advance notice that autumn is coming. I wonder what shifted the tree's awareness. Maybe it, too, wants to hold onto summer a tad longer. Perhaps today's shift into cooler temperature and constant rain will convince it that it is time to let go. I understand its reluctance as I put on my heavy sweater before I leave the house. Even though I love the fall season and October is my favorite month, a sense of nostalgia overtakes me and I yearn for the freedom of my sandals. Ah well, I'll go outside to hug my tree and reassure it that spring is only half a year away.

1 comment:

  1. Tree hugging in the fall is a wonderful pastime. I love telling the leaaves that they have completed their task, and have provided the tree with the food to last through the winter, and to thank them for their job well done. Even better is to reassure the tree that it will still be beautiful in its bare state during the winter.