Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Hostas and Us

Hostas and Us

We planted hostas in pots in our front yard last year hoping to keep away the animals that were munching on the leaves. It seems to have worked. The hostas had a few leaves nibbled on but not many and this season they were full of flowers! Each time I thought they were finished, new buds opened up and they are sending out shoots for new plants as well. The plants seem to really like where they are. And that is mostly in the shade.

I enjoy watching plants grow. Each season brings something to appreciate whether it is flowers hinting at beauty before they burst forth or leaves opening up to drink on the sun or even a struggling plant coming into its own. The African Violet  sitting in a pot on my kitchen windowsill is in its second blossoming, a joy for me to see.

I try not to casually dismiss each plant’s possibilities of expressing itself. I feel the same about people. We each have the possibility of offering the best of ourselves and especially in this difficult pandemic time, I hope that consideration of others is part of our social interaction. I notice lately that neighbors are waving and smiling when I take a walk, a friendly and welcome but sensitive distant greeting.

So even though I can’t individually be with everyone who follows Ferida’s Backyard, let me at least express my appreciation for my readers. I look forward to us all being healthy, productive, and blossoming once again.   

How to plant hostas in a pot:

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  1. Yes, I agree. Despite what we read of riots and protests on a national level, locally we have seen the best of what we can be: neighbors smiling under their masks and strangers chatting amicably while waiting on lines. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the end of the virus leaves these new customs in it's wake?

    1. It would be great. This is a time that can lead to kinder, more considerate interactions - if we let it.