Monday, April 13, 2020

Maple Seeds in Abundance

Maple Seeds in Abundance

We have a large maple tree in our backyard. Each Spring it produces tons of seeds that offer food to the wildlife and promises of new trees. This year the tree seems to have exceeded its seed production. We have maple seeds all over our yard. It speaks of a burgeoning of life, an opening up of the season of growth and expansion.

And yet, things happen. This morning one of the branches was ripped from the tree trunk by an incredibly strong wind. It lays upon the grass, the seeds still clinging on. But now it has me thinking about the strength of the parent tree. Is this a harbinger of its decline?

It’s a short step from tree-worry to people-worry. Is our tree of life starting to weaken? We seemed strong until the corona virus began playing havoc with us. It is hard to see the bright side of things right now but I try to focus on the positives: a neighbor offering to shop for me, fellow walkers saying hello but carefully avoiding close contact, having a snack virtually with my grandchildren. Small things but they help to keep the positive in view.

I’m looking forward to a season of healing, whenever that comes about. I hope the squirrels enjoy the feast Nature has offered.  I hope you find whatever is positive around you and that you stay safe and healthy.

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  1. While I am never one to say, as I heard the other day, that the virus came to teach us to return to better values, I did find something positive in the public arena as well as in my personal life. The paper abounds with stories about people helping each other and my friends and relatives are constantly reaching out to each other with offers of help and support. I choose to focus on that

    1. The positive is precious, especially now. I'm glad that you have such a positive outlook and a circle of family and friends that support you.

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