Monday, July 5, 2010

Where is Everyone?

I had to laugh when I looked outside and saw the squirrel sitting on the arm of the stacked patio chairs. It was July 4th and he seemed confused. Did I hear him say, “Where are the cushions? Where is everyone? What happened to the barbeque and the crumbs?” Well, the cushions were in the garage, we were in the air-conditioned house, and the party consisted of a brief outdoor stint before we scooted inside during this heat wave. We did venture out to see fireworks in the relatively cool (80 degrees at 9:00 PM) evening at a local high school. I love fireworks and these were wonderful. The show started out with a brilliant burst that often announces the ending but then went on to show some beautiful and different displays of color and sound. Although I had to hold my hands over my ears at a few points, it didn’t diminish my pleasure in the celebration.

What a great reminder of the energetic spark of America, no matter the current complications. Our nation began as a grand experiment and we continue to push the boundaries of tradition and limitations.

We all cheered when the program was over, wishing for more. Well, there will be more next year – more celebrating, more appreciation, more exuberance. But if it is as hot as this Fourth was, I will have to say, “Sorry, Squirrel, the cushions, and the tasty crumbs, will have to remain inside.”


  1. We didn't see fireworks this year as we had a bar b q at our house. Your comments reminded me, however, of a spectacular display we had seen years ago on the beach in Connecticut. Although the display was over the water, it seemed as if we were right under it and the ground actually shook with each explosion. Thus it was very moving, emotionally and physically!!!

  2. So many towns had fireworks despite the economic challenges. I think it helps elevate the spirit. At least it does mine.

  3. I, too, enjoy fireworks. Each time I see them, I think of our Country and all the good. I think of our flag that was "still there."

  4. Barbara - I love your fireworks pix!